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Behavior Design Boot Camp with BJ Fogg, PhD
focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This fall, I am offering a specialized session of my Behavior Design Boot Camp focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) iniatives. Together we'll focus on behavior design related to DEI challenges.


In my Behavior Design Boot Camp, I train industry professionals to create products and services that influence human behavior for good. Offered online (via Zoom), this Boot Camp is limited to 12 people. This is an ideal group size for hands-on, active learning.


I teach my unique models and methods, drawing on over 20 years of research and hands-on experience. My Boot Camp will be a gamechanger for your product--and for your career.

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"Boot Camp is truly life changing. Yes, it was the best business experience, but BJ's methods can be used in so many ways beyond business and into everyday life." - Chris G.

"Practical, hands-on training that you can put to use immediately in your organization to catapult your impact in the world." -Lisa L.

"BJ Fogg's system can produce tangible results quickly." - Symon M.

"Life changing information, yet so simple and applicable to professional life and personal life. Once you "see it" you can't "unsee it." BJ's methods and models are applicable in virtually every element of life." -Erich W.

"Boot Camp was without question the best professional training program that I've participated in." -Maureen H.

My Boot Camp is right for you if . . . 

You need to create a product that changes behavior but you don’t know where to begin.

At Boot Camp you will gain a mastery level understanding of Behavior Design, an original system of models and methods to help you think clearly about human behavior and design successful solutions for positive behavior change.


Yes, that’s right. It’s a system — full of practical, proven, methods you can use immediately on any behavior change project.


Boot Camps are a rare opportunity to learn the system of Behavior Design, a result of 20+ years of my research and work. You can’t learn this anywhere else.

"If you are serious about creating products or experiences to help people you need to know how behavior works. I can't think of anyone else who is more qualified to talk about behavior than BJ Fogg. In his training you will learn not only the theory behind it but how to put the models and frameworks into practice right away." -Andrea G.

"You gave me magical powers: I can think clearly about human behaviour and design for behaviour change without being a behaviour scientist." -Emina A.

"You will understand how behavior works and how to design products/services for people to do desired behaviors." -Ed O.

You’ve already created a solution, but your design is not working. People aren’t changing.

At Boot Camp you’ll learn practical, step-by-step methods you can use immediately to troubleshoot, gain clarity, and succeed with your behavior change projects.


You learn how to analyze your solution to discover what’s not working and how to create a solution that will.


You learn the truth about how habits work (this insight is new – it’s simpler than you think), what the #1 mistake is in trying to change behavior and how to do it right, how to change a person’s choice by leveraging a simple tool I’ve created, and much more.

"BJ's Boot Camp is transformational in the way you think about business objectives - a true paradigm shift. This is the program I've been looking for, for years. I'm excited about how this will change.....everything." -Don C.

"Evolve thinking and skill set in solving for end-users in a thoughtful, impactful way that "sticks" because we are largely helping them do what they already want to do." -Karen M.

You’ve studied a lot about human behavior, but you don’t know how to translate theory into practice.

At Boot Camp you’ll master the practical models and methods of my systematic approach: Behavior Design.


A really good model doesn’t only help you understand how or why something is or isn’t working. It also holds the key to designing successful solutions.


The Fogg Behavior Model helps you analyze what is and isn’t working in your solutions – and it helps you design new successful behavior change solutions. It’s one of many models I teach at my Behavior Design Boot Camp.


I also teach the core methods of Behavior Design. These are the practical, tactical tools and skills you need to take insights and turn them into behavior change solutions.


Behavior Design is systematic. There’s no guesswork. Confusion gets transformed to clarity.

“BJ’s Boot Camp was more impactful than 10+ years of research and product experimentation” — J.D.

"Cutting edge, impactful and yet simple." -Martin W.

Your team is stuck on a behavior change project, and your team doesn’t agree on how to get unstuck.

At my Behavior Design Boot Camp you’ll learn the practical skills to create team alignment, including how to:


  • Pinpoint the #1 focus for your team

  • Transform project confusion to project clarity in less than 55 minutes

  • Share the vocabulary of Behavior Design, so everyone on your team speaks with clarity -- and avoids the pitfalls of ambiguity

  • Lead team sessions in Behavior Design with confidence.


And more.

"The content is extremely helpful in understanding how to work more effectively with colleagues and teams." -Brian L.

"Behavior Design equips you to be a better professional, regardless of your role." -Cesar P.

You’re feeling trapped in your profession and want to transform your skillset and career.

Behavior Design is new and unique. At my Boot Camp, you learn a practical system to understand how to think clearly about human behavior and design successful solutions for positive behavior change – in any industry.

Boot Campers gain confidence and trust in their abilities to pivot their career after completing my Behavior Design Boot Camp.

"It is not hyperbole for me to say this was by far the best learning experience I have had. It has provided the direction I was missing for the next iteration of my career." -Brian B. 

"Career-changing knowledge." -Meschach W.

"Boot Camp was a pivot point in my life. I was unclear personally and professionally. Now, I see more clearly about what to do next and that feels really good." -Jennifer C.

Boot Camp is a game-changer

My Behavior Design Boot Camp is an experience people describe as pivotal and transformative -- a game-changer. 


My goal is for Boot Camp to be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Take the next step now -- just three minutes


Please click the blue button for our simple form that let's me know you're interested in my Boot Camp. 

What People have said about Boot Camp:

​"I walked away with the tools and framework to have an impact on both my personal and professional lives." -C.W. ​

"We were clearly in the hands of a master." M.N.​


Content is immediately applicable to all aspects of life.” -TJ


"I loved the teaching format and methodology." - Sid


"Incredible, hands-on learning." -- Sohail


"BJ's teaching gave me an entirely new frame of mind to use for designing things." -Ethan B.

“Easy, digestible, action oriented" -- Rick M.


"I've found so many, many ways to apply the learning to business and to my life." -- Lindsay B.


“This gives me effective tools to be used practically in everything I do.” -Austin

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