How to License my stuff

Creating models and methods in Behavior Design has been my life's work over the past 20 years. 

Now, people from all over the world contact me for permission to reference my graphics, license my videos, and so on. 

I'm appreciate your interest in my work.

To make this request process as simple as possible, please complete the form below. 

My team and I will get back with you. The more clear and concise details you provide, the faster the process will go.

Request form to use BJ Fogg's Graphics

Request form to license BJ's graphics/videos

If you're looking to license my innovations (models/methods) or IP (videos/graphics) to use in a systematic way at your organization, it's probably best to complete this form. 

If you're contacting me about a speaking engagement, keynote, or workshop, use this form instead.  Thanks.


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