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Learn Behavior Design with BJ Fogg, PhD

There are new ways you can learn Behavior Design with me.


For decades, I've been training industry professionals to create products and services that influence human behavior for good.


I teach my unique models and methods, drawing on over 20 years of research and hands-on experience. Learning Behavior Design will be a gamechanger for your product--and for your career.

Review this decision graphic:

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To see if Tiny Habits Certification is right for you, go here:

Fogg Behavior Design training is a good fit for you if . . .

  • Your company’s success depends on influencing people’s behavior at scale.


  • You need customers to do certain behaviors reliably, and you want world-class skills so you can get the design right.


  • You have created a mobile app that is not changing behavior effectively, and you need to get your app to be effective.  


  • You are a behavioral expert in your organization and you want to level up your skills.


  • You are a product designer in your organization and you want to level up your skills.


  • You love building your professional skills so you can be more effective at work. 

Ways to learn Fogg Behavior Design

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My team and I will send you additional details about the offerings you're interested in. 

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