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Transformative Success Using Fogg Behavior Design 

Eric Saves His Company $50M Thanks to Fogg Behavior Design

Eric S., Financial Services Design & Product Leader

Eric, a design & product leader at a top-tier US bank, applied Behavior Design principles he learned from BJ Fogg to significantly reduce costs.

First, Eric's team identified problem areas costing the company nearly $300M annually. They then focused on improving customer behaviors related to paperless billing and online payments. This initiative uncovered a savings opportunity of nearly $50M.


After Eric lead a 2-hour Behavior Design workshop, his team tested three key prompts. The result was a 41% conversion rate among a group of 2500 customers—translating to over 1000 converted customers in just two hours. (In contrast, a previous team had spent a year on this problem but converted fewer than 300 people.)

After seeing these results, the SVP asked Eric about additional ways to fund future work across other high-value opex-driven moments.

Tamar Transformed Her Career with Training from BJ Fogg

Tamar Schultz, Head of Emerging Products at Taboola
(Formerly Head of Behavioral Insights at Gett)

Before training with BJ Fogg, Tamar found it challenging to incorporate behavioral science into her organization's strategy. The concepts were often too intricate to apply, especially among colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds.

By attending BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Boot Camp, Tamar learned a game-changing design system. "It was transformational," she exclaims. "It's like teaching someone to fish; my team now independently crafts their own behavior-based solutions."


The results were immediate. Her team learned to distinguish among "motivation," "ability," and "prompt." By optimizing prompts, they achieved a substantial improvement in key business metrics.

Guilherme's Personal Account: The Impact of Fogg's Boot Camp

Guilherme Gomes
CEO of Beatly
(Formerly at Volvo Cars)

"I enrolled in BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Boot Camp where I learned to use the Fogg Behavior Model. This became my 'go-to model' for propelling my career growth. Here's why it's been a game-changer:

  • At Volvo, Fogg's system helped us refine our subscription offer in Sweden, making it much more attractive.

  • At my current company, Beatly, we overhauled our product to ensure our customers feel successful, a key insight from Fogg Behavior Design.

  • My team now speaks a shared language about human behavior. When a new idea comes up, we can instantly say, ‘That's a great idea, but it asks too much from the customer,’ and everyone gets it.

  • Every new executive at Beatly is trained in the Fogg Behavior Model from day one.

For any aspiring career professional, learning Fogg Behavior Design is a no-brainer. It's my daily reference for every high-stakes decision in product, business, and team-building."

Ammon Creates Breakthrough Product Using Behavior Design

As a cross-functional design leader and tech innovator, Ammon is brilliant, successful, and endlessly curious. But he understands what it's like to face a behavior change project and feel clueless, not knowing where to start.

Ammon change all that by enrolling in Fogg Behavior Design Boot Camp.

In hindsight, he says: "It was one of the most helpful and profound unlocks of my career!"


Drawing on what he learned from BJ Fogg, Aamon guided his firm in creating the industry gold-standard of loyalty programs. "I don't think we would have understood the opportunity without your [Behavior Design] insights."


Their solution now powers personalization for brands like Starbucks, United Airlines, Giant Eagle, and more.

Ammon Haggerty
Founder of Joinable
(Formerly at Formation)

Anyssa Advances Her Career
after Learning BJ Fogg's System

Anyssa's pic_edited.jpg
Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS.
Director of Content at Fresh Tri

After training in Fogg Behavior Design Anyssa, a pharmacist, successfully integrated Behavior Design into her professional work. A few months later, she had these results:

"I can now run a successful product test in a few hours. This is amazing and life changing. In the past, our CEO wanted to run preliminary tests on huge groups that would take so much time, yet provided mixed or similar results. Now, I can run a Fogg Snaptest in about 3 hours and get real behavior insights. Using this method, we moved our product forward to help patients refill their medications quickly and easily. This then led to better medication adherence."

Anyssa points out that "learning Behavior Design was the biggest win in achieving growth and advancement in my career."


Because of this training, Anyssa discovered ways to have more impact in her work. This led to the CEO giving Anyssa a raise. The next year, Anyssa pivoted to take on a new job in product management. She loves her new career path.

A Health Company Achieves Big Success Using Fogg Behavior Design

Tom Blue
SVP, AndHealth

The leadership team of AndHealth joined BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Boot Camp. They had recently raised $57M for their digital health venture, and they wanted to use that money in the best way. The leadership team found this training to be so influential--and easy to implement--that their SVP of Healthcare, Tom Blue, remarks that all the company's key products are "built on your [Fogg] Behavior Design principles."

The training in Fogg Behavior Design benefitted the company in many ways. “Having the head of our product team take part in the training was surprisingly helpful,” says Blue. "In the same way that our clinical leadership emerged with a powerful and repeatable behavior change model, our technology team now can apply Fogg Behavior Design to their work in designing patient-facing technology.”

Today, the AndHealth migraine solutions, which are based in Fogg's principles, are two times more effective than the best pharmaceutical interventions by their competitors.


“What most people don’t yet understand,” notes Blue, “is that the difference between disease management (managing symptoms through perpetual dependence on the healthcare system) and disease reversal (relieving people of their reliance on the healthcare system) comes down to sustained behavior change. Any company whose success hinges on helping people to permanently reshape their behavior would be crazy to overlook the opportunity to learn and apply Fogg Behavior Design. It really is that powerful."

Manuel Improves Clinical Outcomes with Fogg Behavior Design 

Manual said this: “I have a PhD in Psychology, and I'm a university professor. However, I felt stuck trying to translate theory into a practical solution that actually changes behavior in the real world."

“With Dr. Fogg’s methods,” Manuel continued, "we can finally achieve our aspiration of making good things happen in patient's lives. I am convinced that BJ's models and methods are the best ones in the world."

For example, Manuel and his academic colleagues used one of Fogg's methods in a scientific study on sleep. They found excellent results. You can see their peer-reviewed publication here: Identifying Activities from an Intervention to Promote Sleep in Hospitalised Patients Using the Focus Mapping Technique

Manuel Armayones Ruiz Ph.D
Professor, UOC eHealth Center
Coordinator of Behavioural Design Lab Research Group

Fogg Behavior Design guides Kenny to a campaign for Peet's Best-Selling Coffee Ever

Kenny Lauer showing Warriors Grounds.png
Kenny Lauer
Former Vice President, Marketing & Digital, Golden State Warriors

Back in 2015, despite a hunger for innovating at every edge of his professional work, Kenny was being challenged by the sponsorship team’s most recent proposals for his marketing team: weekly posts on Facebook and daily posts on Twitter, along with the traditional jumbotron ads, arena signage, etc.

After attending Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp in July 2012, Kenny was of the opinion that passive actions weren't good for anyone—the team, the fans, or the sponsors—and didn’t drive toward a “winning” experience that everyone was used to on the court.

Kenny used his favorite Behavior Design method to help his team think outside of normal constraints during a sponsorship meeting with a client, Peet’s Coffee.

The result: their own blend of Peet's Coffee, called “Warriors Grounds”—blended by Peet’s master roaster, taste-tested and selected by Warriors fans, and put on shelves throughout the Bay Area.

Warriors Grounds ended up being (at that time) Peet's best-selling coffee ever.

Kenny shares this: “It's not just a model. The Fogg Behavior Model can be activated for huge business success. We used the models and methods to achieve incredible success. The leadership team at the Warriors thought our entire team was brilliant. Indisputable how well it worked!"

Read the full story and see additional photos here.

Sachin Builds a $450M Company Rooted in Fogg’s Principles

Sachin headshot.jpg
Sachin Dev Duggal
Chief Wizard, Builder.AI

Even with a record of incredible success in cloud computing, Sachin felt stuck trying to fix software development with standard approaches. After learning Fogg Behavior Design from BJ, Sachin doubled down on a fundamental principle: "App development is too complicated; let's make it simple."


The results?


Sachin reported that his company's new solution allows "anyone to create a prototype of their app in less than 10 minutes."


After seeing success after success with this approach, Sachin paid for more of his teammates to be trained in Fogg Behavior Design. He wanted to help "everyone on the team think about every problem from a human behavior perspective."


The next year Sachin's company raised $100M in a Series C funding and won ‘Scaleup of the Year’ at The Europas. Soon after, his company raised $250M in Series D funding, bringing their total to $450M. 


In 2023, Fast Company designated among the world’s top 3 ‘Most Innovative Companies’ in AI, alongside Deep Mind and OpenAI.

Below are three ways to start transforming your career. . . 

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