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Transformative Success Using Fogg Behavior Design 

Eric Saves His Company $50M Thanks to Behavior Design

Eric S., Financial Services Design & Product Leader

Eric, a design & product leader at a top-tier US bank, effectively applied Behavior Design principles he learned at BJ's Boot Camp to significantly reduce costs.

Eric's team identified problem areas costing the company nearly $300M annually. They then focused on improving customer behaviors related to paperless billing and online payments. This initiative alone uncovered a savings opportunity of nearly $50M.


Derived from a 2-hour Behavior Design workshop format, Eric's team tested three key prompts. The result was a 41% conversion rate among a group of 2500 customers—translating to over 1000 converted customers in just two hours. In contrast, a previous team had managed to convert fewer than 300 people in an entire year.

After seeing these results, the SVP asked Eric about additional ways to fund future work across other high-value opex-driven moments.

Tamar Transformed Her Career with Training from BJ Fogg

Tamar Schultz, Head of Emerging Products at Taboola
(Formerly Head of Behavioral Insights at Gett)

Before training with BJ, Tamar found it challenging to incorporate behavioral science into her organization's strategy. The concepts were often too intricate to apply, especially among colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds.

After attending BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Boot Camp in California, Tamar acquired a game-changing design system. "It was transformational," she exclaims. "It's like teaching someone to fish; my team now independently crafts their own behavior-based solutions."


The results were immediate. Her team learned to distinguish among "motivation," "ability," and "prompt." By optimizing these prompts, they achieved a substantial improvement in key business metrics.

Upgrade your professional toolkit with Fogg Behavior Design, just like Tamar did. Replace abstract theories with practical strategies that drive measurable impact.

Guilherme's Personal Account: The Impact of BJ's Boot Camp

Guilherme Gomes
CEO of Beatly
(Formerly at Volvo Cars)

"In 2019, I attended BJ's Behavior Design Boot Camp where I discovered the Fogg Behavior Model, my 'go-to model' for propelling my career growth. Here's why it's been a game-changer:

  • At Volvo, it helped us refine our subscription offer in Sweden, making it much more attractive.

  • At my current company, Beatly, we overhauled our product to ensure our customers feel successful.

  • My team now speaks a universal language. When a new idea comes up, we can instantly say, ‘That's a great idea, but it asks too much from the customer,’ and everyone gets it.

  • Every new executive at Beatly is trained in the Fogg Behavior Model from day one.

For any aspiring career professional, mastering this method is a no-brainer. It's my daily reference for every high-stakes decision in product, business, and team-building."

Ammon Creates Breakthrough "Hyper-Personalization" Product Using Behavior Design

As a cross-functional design leader and tech innovator, Ammon is brilliant, successful, and endlessly curious. He understands what it's like to face a behavior change project and feel...clueless.

Ammon signed up for Behavior Design Boot Camp in 2015.

In hindsight, he says: "It was one of the most helpful and profound unlocks of my career!"


Following the Boot Camp, his firm produced the industry gold-standard of loyalty programs. "I don't think we would have understood the opportunity without your [Behavior Design] insights."


They "built the first 'hyper-personalization' product—a new category of personalization that powers Starbucks, United Airlines, Giant Eagle, and many other major brands."

Instead of guessing at the solution, by learning BJ’s impactful design methods, Ammon and his team accelerated success at scale.

Ammon Haggerty
Founder of Joinable
(Formerly at Formation)

Anyssa Advances Her Career
after Learning and Applying Fogg's System

Anyssa's pic_edited.jpg
Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS.
Director of Content at Fresh Tri

After training in Fogg Behavior Design in Nov 2018, Anyssa, a pharmacist, had successfully integrated Behavior Design into her professional work. By March, she had these results:

"I can run a successful test in a few hours—this is amazing and life changing. In the past, our CEO wanted to run preliminary tests on huge groups that would take so much time, yet provided mixed or similar results. Now, I can run a Snaptest in 3 hours and get real behavior insights. Using this method, we moved our product forward to help patients digitally refill their medications in a timely manner and, in turn, positively impacting medication adherence."

"Learning Behavior Design was the biggest win in achieving growth and advancement in my career," Anyssa shares. She discovered ways to have more impact, better opportunities, more pay, and less frustration.

The CEO moved her to their product team shortly after Boot Camp, and she got a raise! In the following years, Anyssa pivoted to a career in product management.

AndHealth Built Big Success Using Fogg Behavior Design

Tom Blue
SVP, AndHealth

In 2021, the leadership team of AndHealth, a virtual healthcare startup that had recently closed the largest seed round of funding ($57M) for a digital health company that year, came to Boot Camp. They found the entire experience to be so influential that their SVP of Healthcare, Tom Blue, remarks that the company "is built on your [Fogg] Behavior Design principles."

What they learned soon filled LinkedIn feeds with accolades at launch and beyond.

The focus of AndHealth is to support patients with specific chronic diagnoses through a process of disease reversal. These programs rely heavily on successfully assisting patients in making targeted behavior changes to address the root causes of their conditions. These personalized lifestyle changes are critical to the company’s success in achieving health outcomes with patients.

The training impacted the company in areas outside of its direct clinical care. “Having the head of our product team take part in the training was surprisingly helpful,” says Blue. "In the same way that our clinical leadership emerged with a powerful and repeatable behavior change model to apply with patients in the course of their care, our technology team has been able to apply the training to their work in building our patient-facing technology.”

In the two years since AndHealth took part in Behavior Design training, the results have spoken for themselves. The AndHealth migraine practice has outperformed the best pharmaceutical interventions by more than 100%. 


“What most people don’t yet understand,” notes Blue, “is that the difference between disease management (managing symptoms through perpetual dependence on the healthcare system) and disease reversal (relieving people of their reliance on the healthcare system) comes down to sustained behavior change. Any company whose success hinges on helping people to permanently reshape their behavior would be crazy to overlook the chance to learn and apply [Fogg] Behavior Design. It really is that powerful."

Below are three ways to start transforming your career. . . 

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