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"One of the most sought-after
thinkers in Silicon Valley."

 -Fortune Magazine

"An energetic academic
an innovation guru."

-New York Times

"The secret of their success was Fogg's Behavior Model."

-Business Insider

"BJ Fogg is committed to
using tech as a force for good."


"The name of this young
discipline is “behaviour design.” 
Its founding father is B.J. Fogg."

-The Economist: 1843

"What works and what doesn’t work when it comes to behavior change."

-Fast Company

"The importance of celebrating any progress, however small, we make toward our goals"


"An elegant method for creating new habits"


"...One of the first academics to seriously study how computers influence human behavior"

-Time Magazine

"Thanks to BJ, we are reminded that change is not only possible but... probable "

-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

"Start again and have a greater chance of success."

-The Wall Street Journal

"This formula applies to all habits, not just tiny habits."

-Thrive Global

Graduates of BJ Fogg's Boot Camp in Behavior Design

"After learning how to apply the Fogg Behavior Model, my team has been able to conceive and deliver experiences to our customers that have improved the financial health of millions.  In turn, many of us have seen significant positive change in our lives both in the office and at home."  -- Stephen Holloway, Director of Innovation, Enterprise Financial Advice, USAA

"As a graduate of BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Bootcamp, I am completely convinced that Dr. Fogg has developed the most promising, actionable, and accessible approach to equipping people to intentionally shape their own habits that has ever been devised. " -- Tom Blue, Director of industry Strategy, Institute for Functional Medicine and Partner, Global Wellness Innovation Fund

"Learning with Dr. Fogg has revolutionized everything I do.  He taught me breakthrough insights about human behavior and how to integrate this into every area of my life. He is one of the most mindful, innovative and brilliant teachers I’ve ever met."  -- Juni Felix, International Broadcaster, Author, Speaker and App Designer

People in BJ Fogg's 5-day Tiny Habits Course


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