As you know, Denny and his team work hard to create a nutritious and delicious menu for all our Boot Campers.


He creates these original recipes from scratch. Inspired by ingredients and driven by endless curiosity in the kitchen, I'm often the first to get to try them (happily). 


Once they get my signature of approval, he makes them for Boot Campers. The fan favorites will get added here from time to time so you can share them, too.

Winter 2018: Breakfast Bounty


A better breakfast starts here. Once you try this new recipe, you'll be ready to tackle whatever your day holds.

Forget toast and bowls of cereal. Make a batch of this breakfast to serve yourself throughout the week or impress your friends over brunch. 

Get the recipe for Breakfast Bounty here.

(Enjoying this will be a great way to start your day. Couple this with my favorite morning habit... win/win!)

Fall 2018: Neighbor's Delight

Seasonal and delicious, perhaps this could be a great addition to your family's menu.

Get the recipe for Neighbor's Delight here.

(He named it "Neighbor's Delight" after we shared it with our neighbor's in Maui and they were... delighted! We hope you have the same reaction.)

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