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I always try to do groundbreaking work that will improve people’s lives through behavior change. That's my #1 focus as a researcher and innovator, both at Stanford and in industry. Over the years I've created new ways to understand behavior and new methods for designing change solutions. The system I call “Behavior Design” is elegant and powerful. 


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Website: bjfogg.com

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Email: bjfogg@stanford.edu

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Current Projects

My current projects range from research to innovation, teaching to mentoring -- a fun mix. 

At Stanford

At the Stanford Behavior Design Lab I work with eight students from various disciplines to tackle today’s toughest challenges that relate to behavior change. During the summer and fall of 2020, our lab is focusing on three projects: 

Climate Action Project:

Our Stanford lab is researching how to best train climate professionals in behavior change methods so they can be more effective in saving our planet. Before the end of 2020, my team hopes to develop and share a free online curriculum for professionals working in this area.

Screentime Reduction:

Our lab’s Screentime Reduction Project builds on our groundbreaking work in 2019. After compiling the world’s largest database of methods for reducing screen time, in 2020 we entered a new phase of running experiments in order to evaluate those methods and improve our online tool. We want to help people around the world reduce unproductive time spent with technology. You can find more here: http://screentime.stanford.edu

Vaccination Project:

Our lab’s newest project builds on my 2020 Stanford course, “Behavior Design for Coronavirus Challenges.” In anticipation of an effective and safe vaccine, our lab team is spotlighting the opportunities and challenges of global vaccination. Using Behavior Design, we are offering experts new ways to understand existing research on vaccination campaigns, as well as giving guidance on how to prioritize efforts both globally and locally. 

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