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Design for Behavior Change

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The official course with BJ Fogg, PhD

In this online course, Stanford innovator BJ Fogg, PhD,

teaches how to design for any behavior challenge you face.

You will learn to apply Dr. Fogg's powerful system called "Behavior Design."

$480 gives you access to all

course content for 6 months.

Dr. BJ Fogg's methods have been so effective that he has been called the "Millionaire Maker."

BJ doesn't like that label. But it is true: People who have learned from him have been very successful creating products and services. And many have become millionaires.

What made the difference? Those people learned to systematically design for engagement and lasting change.

For over 15 years, only Stanford students and selected professionals had access to Dr. Fogg's system of Behavior Design. But now, with the launch of his official online course, you too can start learning his breakthrough methods. That means you can start to design for behavior change with confidence. It also means you can start designing products that will inspire and engage.

Offered for the first time, Dr. Fogg's official course has the power to transform your career -- and your life.

Course Modules

1: Welcome to Fogg Behavior Design (a practical overview)

2: Applying the Fogg Behavior Model to work projects

3: How motivation & ability influence behavior change

4: Fogg's step-by-step methods for achieving behavior results

5: How to focus your team on behaviors that matter most

6: The two keys to lasting change (Fogg Maxims)

7: Designing for habits & customer engagement

8: How to use Fogg Behavior Design each day at work

Your Instructors:

  • BJ Fogg, PhD, & Stephanie Weldy, MEd

Total Learning Time:

  • 5 hours and 50 minutes (74 video lessons that average 5 minutes per video)

Who should take this course?

  • Product Managers

  • Digital Marketing Pros

  • Interaction Designers

  • Employee Wellness Leaders

  • Startup Founders

  • Consultants in Behavior Change.

Topics Covered: 

  • Original Models

  • Design Methods

  • Key Maxims 

BJ Fogg is featured in. . .

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For over 12 years, Dr. BJ Fogg resisted the idea of an online course in Fogg Behavior Design.


Why? Because he loved teaching small groups, face to face. This fit his teaching style: Personal. Practical. Hands-on.


Dr. Fogg was very happy teaching at Stanford. He was also happy training professionals who wanted to change human behavior for good. His teaching was having a big, positive impact in the world. Along the way, he became friends with people who learned his methods. For him, this was ideal. Why mess it up?


Over the years, when people asked for an online course, he thought, "Nope. An online course -- That's not what I want."


But then Covid arrived.


When people could no longer gather in person, BJ and his close colleague Stephanie Weldy wanted to figure out another path forward. They started using Zoom to teach small groups Fogg Behavior Design. BJ & Stephanie created new tools and templates, tailored to doing Behavior Design with remote teams.


After each session, they asked for feedback. Week after week for a couple years, this feedback guided BJ & Stephanie to expand on what worked. The feedback also pointed them to areas they needed to improve.


They kept innovating and testing, innovating and testing, until finally one day it  happened: Dr. Fogg realized that learning Behavior Design on Zoom was, in many ways, superior to learning with him in person.


Imagine his surprise!


BJ never expected that to happen. He had such a strong bias for face-to-face learning. However, the data made it clear. His online training in Behavior Design was very effective. And it reached people around the world in a way that face-to-face teaching could not.


After he gathered himself, BJ felt delighted by the unexpected result. And so was Stephanie.


As BJ and Stephanie taught people around the world via Zoom, they recorded their sessions (with permission of the learners). At the time, there was no plan to use the recordings.


In 2023 BJ and Stephanie realized they had over 500 Behavior Design training videos in Dr. Fogg's Vimeo library. That's hundreds of hours of Fogg’s unique content, focused on helping professionals design solutions for behavior change and engagement.


These 500 videos didn't contain old ideas or other people's work. The videos captured new models and methods that Dr. Fogg created over the years. The videos had practical examples, scripts to use with teammates, short lessons on how to teach colleagues to think clearly about human behavior. And much more. The videos shared the content that caused some people to call Dr. Fogg the "Millionaire Maker."


Frankly, BJ did not care about helping people become millionaires. However, he did want to guide innovators in making the world a better place. He knew that changing human behavior seemed mysterious and impossible to many people.


The huge video library BJ and Stephanie created could change that mistaken perception. The fact is this: Human behavior is not mysterious. It comes down to just three factors. And yes, you can change people’s behavior, if you do it in the right way. To be clear: The way to change human behavior isn’t figuring out a mystery. It’s not about guessing. Instead, you use a design process. It’s a step-by-step system called “Fogg Behavior Design.”


The online course being offered here (for the first time) brings together some of the best excerpts from hundreds of hours of Zoom training by BJ and Stephanie. Those 500+ videos opened the door to a new possibility: Teach people around the world, in an affordable way, to use Fogg Behavior Design to solve tough behavior challenges.


Although Dr. Fogg still loves teaching small groups, face to face, he has finally decided that now is the time to offer a self-paced online course in Fogg Behavior Design.


“Design for Behavior Change” is all about creating solutions to change human behavior for good.

Thanks to Dr. Fogg's unique models & methods, you no longer have to guess how to influence human behavior. And you no longer have to feel intimidated or unsure.

What professionals say about Fogg Behavior Design --

  • "The Behavior Design concepts are powerful, and this course makes Dr. Fogg's methods easy to learn." -Jason B.

  • "The course content is gold -- practical and engaging. I loved the real-world examples." -Joan S.


  • "Fast, practical, immediately applicable." -Andy S.

  • "The Behavior Design system is very compelling. And Dr. Fogg's track record of success speaks for itself." -Moiz K.

  • "The Fogg Behavior Model is genius (and science)." -Marilyn W.


  • "Dr. Fogg's Behavior Design system is both practical and profound.” -Nicky K.

Meet Your Course Co-Instructor

In this course you'll also learn from Dr. BJ Fogg's closest colleague: Stephanie Weldy.


With a background in employee wellbeing, Stephanie has collaborated with BJ for over eight years. She co-teaches with BJ and leads Behavior Design workshops in industry. Fun fact: A Fortune 500 team rated her session with a perfect NPS score (yes, rare and almost impossible to achieve).

"BJ and Stephanie are both excellent teachers." -Elizabeth W.


"Stephanie and BJ have charisma when teaching -- interesting and enjoyable." -Kim S.

"BJ and Stephanie interact so well with each other. The energy is great." -Joan S.


Stephanie also makes sure that your course experience is excellent. She's responsive, insightful, and kind.

The course includes --

  • 8 learning modules on how to systematically design for behavior change.

  • 74 short video lessons with BJ Fogg & Stephanie Weldy.

  • 15 unique worksheets, templates, scripts, and digital tools.

  • 6 months access to all the course content.


  • ​1 personalized certificate to recognize your success.

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