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Foundations in Behavior Design

“Foundations in Behavior Design” is a free, 55-minute training offered via Zoom by BJ Fogg, PhD. 


Below you’ll find more information, including how to apply for this training. 


Hello, I’m BJ Fogg.


I am a behavior scientist at Stanford University, with deep experience in innovation and teaching. I devote about 50% of my time to Stanford and 50% to industry teaching & innovation. On the industry side, I train innovators to use my work so they can create solutions that influence behavior for good. The focus areas include health, sustainability, financial wellbeing, learning, productivity, and more. 


Around 2006, I started creating a new set of models and methods that comprise what I call “Behavior Design.” In January of 2020 I shared 300 pages of new and practical uses for Behavior Design in my New York Times bestselling book Tiny Habits. This book was written for individuals looking to change their own behavior.

Recently, Amazon editors selected Tiny Habits as the best business book of 2020 so far. I’m honored and want to offer people around the world the opportunity to learn how to apply my work in Behavior Design to their business and professional aspirations.

About the Training


I invite you to join me to learn the foundations of Behavior Design for business professionals.


In the free, 45-minute live session, you’ll learn essential ways to understand behavior and new methods for designing change solutions.  


This session is for you if you’re looking to: 

  • Transform your career (and skillset)

  • Work effectively with remote teams

  • Learn how human behavior really works (and how to design for it)

  • Get clear about Behavior Change for the products/services you are creating

  • Understand the System to Solve for your most challenging work problems

Learning Behavior Design can help you in these specific ways:

  • Apply systematic thinking and design skills into any project or meeting

  • Create team alignment and boost impact

  • Discover who is your customer -- and who is not.

  • Understand the truth about how habits work. (This insight is new -- and it’s simpler than you think.)

  • Lead a step-by-step method to reveal new insights from your team

  • Transform project confusion to project clarity in less than 55 minutes

The 55-minute Foundations course doesn’t teach you everything above. However, it does lay the foundation so you can go further and achieve all the objectivess listed above. 

Real quotes from real people

People who’ve learned Behavior Design from my courses say:

“Your training was one of the most well-organized I've ever attended, and was extremely engaging.” -Eve S.

Powerful techniques that are relevant for everybody. -Ronny

“It's been the BEST learning experience in the past 20 years.” -Lillia M.

"BJ taught me flexible, remarkably powerful ways of changing behavior that can be applied in many different settings." -Brad W.

“A life-changing experience and for these practical tools we can use to help move our organization in the right direction quickly.” -T.R.

“I thought this book was great, but the bootcamp is critical to really understanding the material and its potential.” -Karen W.

“Just wanted to let you know that my company generated close to $40 million in cash to invest in roughly $100 million in properties over the past two weeks since I used your work to figure out what I’m doing. And we’re just getting started!!” -Ken B.

“This was the single best professional experience that I’ve had in my 41 years of work life. Bar none. Without exception.” -Chris H. 

“I am on a small team at [a big organization--household name], doing Behavior Design full time now, for various big feature teams. We are seeing great results. The last feature team we work with was able to deliver a major update, and see the code in production, within 2 months from the day we kicked off, which is unheard of at our organization.” -Hui Z.

“I know it might sound over the top, but you have no idea on how many of my assumptions imploded in the aftermath of this experience. I want more…” -Krystof C.

“How beneficial the content is. Day one: I am a convert. -Kayla B.


Apply to join me for this special training


Space is limited. 


My team and I will review applicants and send invitations to people who are best suited.  


To apply for a spot in this free training, please complete this form:


Questions? Email for support.


-BJ Fogg, PhD





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