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Previous Work

To see the foundation of my work, dating back about 20 years ago, check out my book: Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do. Since then, my Stanford work has focused a lot on how mobile phones--and other technologies--can be platforms for changing behavior. For example, in 2002, I predicted mobile phones would become the #1 platform for persuasion. I believe that prediction was right on target. In 2007, I realized Facebook would emerge as a dominant player in our world (for better or worse). I then created the first university course about Facebook, which was a huge hit and became somewhat (in)famous. Later, I focused on the power of texting -- in my classes, my research, and at a groundbreaking conference. This focus underwhelmed most people, because messaging seemed too simple. But hey, messaging has become a big deal. (Looking forward: I predict that AI assistants will be very, very important in the years to come.)

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