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Speakers from BJ Fogg's Teaching Team

Teaching others my work in Behavior Design has helped me maximize the impact I can have in the world.

Below you'll find information about the speakers on my Teaching Team---individuals hand-selected and trained by me to teach my work in Behavior Design.


They are trained to give an impactful, 30 or 55 minute keynote, or a more interactive 75 minute workshop in my core models and methods in Behavior Design.

Each of them has a unique background and skills set. Learn more about my colleagues and reach out to them directly via their email, below. I'm also happy to make an introduction. 

Meet the Team

Margarita is a researcher and behavior designer at Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab and co-directs the Peace Innovation Lab where she conducts research in behavior design, wide scale innovation, persuasive technology & the potential of technology to change society for the better. Her work includes behavior design for creating innovative cultures, citizen engagement, building trust, and game design thinking. She has extensive experience teaching executives at Stanford and abroad.

A behavioral scientist committed to improving the design and implementation of public health interventions, Sohail is Senior Program Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He assists in the design of strategies to increase the acceptability and utilization of behavior, products and services. Sohail obtained a Bachelors in Anthropology from Yale University in 1989 and a Ph.D. in Population Dynamics from Johns Hopkins University in 1996. 

Barry is a business advisor, entrepreneur, and author who has pioneered the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation. He works with business leaders and teams from global organizations that seek to invent the future, not fear it. His mission is to help purposeful technology-led businesses innovate at scale.

SW Headshot.jpg

Stephanie is an expert at the intersection of employee health and behavior design. After spending a decade in public sector work, she manages operations and partnerships for BJ Fogg. Passionate about connecting people to resources that better and enhance their lives, Stephanie has lead comprehensive wellbeing programs in higher education, non-profit, and public sector settings. She has a master's in Education in Community Health from the University of Louisville.

David is the founder of Behavior Delta, a (behavior) design firm.  During his time at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, he created the world's first Behavior Design major in 2011.  David and his Behavior Delta team have consulted, workshopped, or run experiments with forward-thinking teams of all sizes, such as UNICEF, Pearson, VISA, ClassPass, OneWorkplace, Spotify,  Siempo, RenalTracker, ThinkCERCA.  He believes every business is in the business of wellbeing. 

juni felix 3.jpg

Juni is the founder of Mastermind Behavior Design.  A presenting author at the 13th Annual Persuasive Technology Conference, she’s passionate about designing systems for sustainable and holistic wellbeing.  An international broadcaster, author and speaker currently working on Behavior Design strategies for trauma recovery, Juni is dedicated to helping teams create products, systems and services that enhance and improve lives for good. Her life motto: Kindness is a Superpower!

Harlan is a data storyteller and behavior designer with decades of experience leading cross-functional teams in successfully achieving aspirations, outcomes, and value on investments. He advises and assists clients in the creation and transformation of programs to enhance health, wellness, and well-being. Harlan has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the UC Berkeley, a master’s in Health Promotion from the UT Austin, and is a WELCOA Faculty Member.

Amy Vest New PIC 2020.jpeg

Amy is the founder of Behavior Design Media and is passionate about helping people build healthier and happier lives. She is a problem solver, behavior designer and graphic designer.  As a lifelong student of why people do what they do, Amy is thrilled to use that knowledge to help clients effectively meet the needs of the people they serve.  She has many years of experience working in healthcare, pharmacy, digital marketing, grant-funded research projects, and mental health. 

Patrick is a digital health innovator, enabling behavior change at scale in the areas of health care, med tech and digital health. At Medtronic, he leads design thinking and behavior design initiatives to improve the lives for providers and patients. Roles in global health innovation, engineering and marketing have helped him hone his craft of helping teams breakthrough the obvious and find the hard to replicate solutions that tap into deeper levels of meaning for users to unlock value capture.

john-ellison-health-hacked-1200px (1).jp

John is a Behavior Design consultant on a mission to help people live more healthy, happy and meaningful lives. He does this by leading tech startups to delight their customers and receive good profits in return. John is currently the only certified Teaching Team member in Europe. He is currently using Behavior Design to help local government, healthcare corporations and tech startups in the UK.

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