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Using and Sharing BJ Fogg’s Intellectual Property

(Copyright, Trademark, and More)

Thank you for your interest in using and sharing my work. Let me help you do that.
Creating models and methods in Behavior Design has been my life’s work over the past 20 years. The tangible parts of my original creative work are protected by copyright (e.g., The Fogg Behavior Model, The Ability Chain, Tiny Habits book, Tiny Habits recipe card, etc.).
Getting permission to use and license my copyrighted work is important. Using my intellectual property without permission, even with good intentions or unknowingly infringing on my copyrighted work, is considered a violation of copyright law.
I can’t teach you about copyright law. That’s not my expertise. Instead, please go straight to the source for that because there are many myths floating around the Internet that can lead you astray, especially in terms of Fair Use. If you have any questions or confusion (understandable), seek out reliable sources or legal professionals who can understand your specific situation.
In a nutshell to use (e.g., copy, publish, transmit, exhibit, distribute, modify, display, record) my copyrighted work online or offline, for profit or not, you need to obtain permission. This protects my life’s work. It also protects you.
Depending on the use you request, we may send a simple email granting you permission, or ask you to review and sign off on a basic one-time licensing agreement specific to your use, or enter into a more formal licensing agreement, both of which may include fees.
I get a lot of requests to use my work. Please note that our standard turnaround time for permission requests is three to five business days. There is a review fee of $50 due in advance for any requests where my intellectual property is part of something you are creating and sharing with others. You can learn more and pay that fee here.


If you do not have sufficient lead time, please do not use my copyrighted work and instead refer people to the original sources (e.g.,, my book Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything,, etc.).
If you are ready to request permission, get started here to find the closest type of use case and next steps.

Thank you for your interest.

--BJ Fogg, PhD

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